Indi Fast

Light Duty Anchors

Sleeve Anchors

  • Preassembled for quick and easy installation can be used in thin section of concrete or solid masonry.
  • Head styles for every application.
  • The washer is wide, which gives a bigger allowance for pieces or structures to be fastened.
  • The cone has some grooves (milling) in order tomprevent the anchor from loose or spin movement after fixing into the hole and ready to expansion.

Chemical Anchor & Studs

  • Clean & insert capsule drive stud and agitate.
  • Heavy duty fixing without radial influence of expansion forces an be used close to edges.
  • Accurate drill depth is neccessary.

Safety Sleeve Anchor

  • Quick and series installation.
  • Used when strict tolerance have been specified.
  • Useful where aesthetics and safety both are required.
  • Fixing throgh the fixture it possible.
  • Available in SS 304 & 316 also

Spring Toggle

  • Spring Toggle is use for fixing into cavity walls and cellings.
  • Available in various versions.
  • Installing overhead lights ad othe fixing.
  • Security timber to plaster board walls.

False Ceiling Anchor Set

  • It is used for fixing light celling to the roof.
  • The combination of these three items maintains the level of the roof hanging from the celling.
  • Used mostle in concrete.

Brick Frame Fixing

  • Brick frame fixing is used in cladding (metal frames/structure) roofing, door & window frames.
  • The anchor body is made of cadmium-free polymide & screw is made of galvanised steel or stainless steel.
  • Best fixing in concrete, solid briks, sand lime briks & hard natural stone.

Nylon Nail Plug

  • Nylon nail anchors are ideal for a wide variety of light load fastening in wood.
  • Hardboard, plaster, metal, cinder block, brick, slate, marble, plastic, tile, glass and concrete.
  • Its unique design allows the nail to expand the anchor uniformly in the hole.

Nylon Anchor

  • Ideal to be used for building materials, even thin.
  • It endures temperature (-40-+80), rust, corrosion, aging & chemical affect.
  • Meanwhile it's goods at electric insulation, tensiblity and high pressure.
  • The structure designed with gear can prevent it self sliding the hole.

Nylon Frame Finxing

  • The fixing are manufactured from the same high grade and quality monitored polymide (nylon) which is also use for theframe fixing with general building inspectorate.
  • For through fixing and spacing installation in interior construction work.
  • Also in someexternal cladding work. For fixing timber or metal window and door frames to concrete, stone, brick or block work.

Metal Frame Anchor

  • Tapered expansion nut made from high grade zinc alloy die casting. Galvanized steel sleeve fitting with steel machine screw and colors cap.
  • The frame anchors are suitable for window and door frames.
  • For fixing of plastic, wood, alunminium window and door frames to concrete, hollow blocks and checker brick.
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