Indi Fast

About Us

indi fast are Manufactuers and Exporters of Fasteners, Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Allied Products.INDIFAST is a fasteners manufacturer of high quality fasteners since its beginning in 2003, we have a wide variety of fasteners starting from anchors, nuts and bolts, washers, screws, thread bars, pipe clamps and stone cladding clamps including stainless steel structural materials. Established in 2003,INDIFAST is a company that manufactures, supplies and trades wide variety of high quality fasteners . Serving our customer since 10 years, our core strength is manufacturing fasteners. We're active locally and have widespread international presence as well. INDIFAST is a trusted name in more than 50 countries in Asia, Europe, North America , South America, Africa, Middle-east, Australia.

Indifast Value among the clients

Our satisfaction services become us unique and repotted in the market to customized various services we do business not only in India we have many clients from overseas such are Poland, Ukraine , Bulgaria ,Czech Republic , Russia , Slovakia , Estonia , Lithuania , Latvia, United States, United Kingdom and Mauratius.

Stock Management

Indifast inventory exceeds over 5000 finished and part finished items which is controlled by a state of the art computer system. This enables our highly skilled sales team to quote prices and advice stock status immediately.

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